A simple & effective whole-family get-healthy plan with

foods that can be found anywhere.

For less than the cost of one doctor visit, you'll learn how to find & appreciate your body's ideal shape, protect your family's good health, and save money with simple living & eating habits.


eat / sleep / social

The Art of Personal Science is an online video series & virtual coaching program to show you how to meet your health goals, then help your loved ones to do the same.  #rippleeffect

You've finally found your community if you believe...


    IS NOT difficult or painful


    IS NOT complicated, expensive, time-consuming, restrictive or boring


    IS NOT lonely or isolating

Learn At Your Own Pace in 7 Easy-to-Watch Online Video Modules

  • 1

    Make Change Simple

    Modules 1-3: Don't innovate your whole lifestyle at once! Sustainable growth happens at just 4% additional effort.

  • 2

    Start With The Most Essential Habits

    Modules 4-6: Focus on the areas of lifestyle that have the biggest impact on your health & simplify the most powerful changes. Practice & make mistakes in a safe, supportive environment.

  • 3

    Naturally Strengthen Over Time

    Module 7 & Beyond: Your new skills & habits will continuously strengthen your family's health & culture, unconsciously & without much effort.

  • Identify the reason a healthy lifestyle is important to you.
  • Be at peace with yourself while you do the work, learn & make mistakes.
  • Be at peace with your loved ones as you change & learn to coach them to change. Build a community if you want to.
  • Create growth that naturally strengthens over your lifetime.
  • Be proactive & face the hard stuff first.
  • FOCUS on the high-impact behaviors that provide the biggest results with the least effort.
  • Learn HOW TO EAT to get the most from family meals.
  • Learn WHAT TO EAT to affordably feed a family healthy food.
  • Learn HOW TO FEED your loved ones to eliminate stressful mealtimes.
TAPS Coaching & Community
  • . Lifetime access to The Art of Personal Science
  • . A clear list of tasks & habits everyday
  • . Lifetime access to TAPS interactive learning community
  • . Lifetime access to TAPS exclusive online resource library
  • . First-to-know announcements & exclusive discounts on future specialty releases
  • . 5% donation to feeding hungry kids in the USA
Coming 1/15/18

Society's needs are best served by a population that is well nourished.

Tiffany Anne Smith is a functional nutritionist with a focus on community, family & social relationships.

She is currently earning her license as a Registered Dietitian in South Florida & looks forward to serving the community with the prevention & treatment of disease through diet & lifestyle.

  • Graduate, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified in Holistic Health, Sleep Science, and Hatha Yoga
  • Biggest strengths are humor +¬†relationships
  • Refuses to eat raw kale
  • Loves cheese, wine + Masterpiece on PBS

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