2 Simple Ways to Prevent Food Borne Illness

Pathogen Reduction Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

The following information has been taken from Understanding Food Principals and Preparation (Brown, 2015). HACCP is a food safety program, implemented in 1997, to avoid food-borne illness (FBI) in meat and poultry plants in the US.

HACCP Seven Steps [for food safety]

  • Assessing (identifying) potential biological, chemical, or physical hazards
  • Identifying Critical Control Points (CCP)
    1. High-risk foods for disseminating FBI: meat (beef, pork, lamb), poultry, fish & shellfish, dairy, eggs, broth & stock, gravies & sauces, tofu & soy, and stuffings in poultry cavity
  • Establishing quantifiable limits for each CCP (range of acceptable temperatures)
  • Monitoring CCPs to make sure that they stay within the recommended limits
  • Taking corrective action if they do not
  • Verifying through regularly evaluating records
  • Documenting through sound record taking (Brown, 2015)

Potential HACCP violations in the recipe for Guacamole

Guacamole is a simple, basic recipe that perfectly demonstrates two common hazards that may result in FBI.

  • Prevent biological hazards, such as bacteria, molds, viruses, parasites, or prions by washing your hands & under your fingernails for 20-seconds, tying your hair back or covering it, and wearing clean clothes or an apron.
  • Prevent chemical hazards, such as unintentional food additives, plant or animal toxins, or heavy metals by thoroughly washing tomatoes and avocados (toss the pits) before putting on a sanitized cutting board.


Superbowl Guacamole

  1. Ingredients

·       2 ripe avocados, mashed

·       1 ripe tomato, peeled & finely chopped

·       2 T. fresh lime or lemon juice

·       ½ t. salt

·       Tabasco sauce to taste

·       2 T. chopped onion

·       4 T. canned green chilis, finely chopped

·       Tortilla chips


·       8 ripe avocados, mashed

·       4 ripe tomatoes, peeled & finely chopped

·       ½ C. fresh lime or lemon juice

·       2 t. salt

·       Tabasco sauce to taste

·       ½ C. chopped onion

·       1 C. canned green chilis, finely chopped

·       Tortilla chips


  1. Materials/Equipment
    • One large bowl
    • One large fork for mashing
    • One large spoon for mixing
    • One cutting board
    • One sharp chopping knife
    • Measuring spoons and cups
  2. Procedure
    • Cut avocado, remove and throw away the pit, put in bowl and mash pulp well
    • Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl. Mix well. If a smooth texture is desired, use a blender to mix ingredients
    • Serve with tortilla chips



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