Monthly Archives: December 2016

Stop Paying $5 for a Bottle of Kombucha!

I have lots of thick, healthy, 100% organic cultures of bacteria that you can use to make plenty of kombucha tea at home, in all your favorite flavors, for just a few cents a bottle. Please, take my SCOBY! ​Seriously, just call or text me at 754.422.4341 and I’ll get one right over to you! ​Part…

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Honor your beloved grandmother in own family’s eating culture

It’s sad, but you know it’s true… Most people in cultures around the world aren’t as nonchalant around their meals as Americans tend to be. Think about it: what was mealtime like in your grandmother’s house? Was it much different than yours now? In Italy, for instance, people have been eating pasta, olive oil, meat…

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