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2 Simple Ways to Prevent Food Borne Illness

2 Simple Ways to Prevent Food Borne Illness Pathogen Reduction Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) The following information has been taken from Understanding Food Principals and Preparation (Brown, 2015). HACCP is a food safety program, implemented in 1997, to avoid food-borne illness (FBI) in meat and poultry plants in the US. HACCP Seven…

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Personal Science Weekly 9.1.17

The latest actionable & interesting information you can use or ponder today. Curated with care by Tiffany Anne Smith @ The Art of Personal Science.   Cost-effectiveness of Family-Based Obesity Treatment For families consisting of overweight children and parents with overweight, family-based behavioral treatments are cost-effective & deliver strong health improvements. (@theartofpersonalscience) Click here to…

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