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The Ease & Usefulness of Tracking Your Food

The Ease & Usefulness of Tracking Your Food A diet recall is one tool of many used to collect information about a person’s typical dietary intake, with the intent to identify food patterns, nutrient deficiencies, or chronic disease risk factors. In a dietary recall, the subject is asked to recall what they ate over a…

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How to Use Visualization for Weight Loss

Can you see your weight loss goals when you close your eyes? Visualization for weight loss is a technique where you picture your ideal body. It allows the time and space for your mind to work with your body for you to overcome any potential or unknown mental barriers on your weight loss journey. All…

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The Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

What exactly is a plant-based diet? A plant-based diet is not a diet of vegetables alone. It is a diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, which may exclude or minimize meat, including chicken, dairy products, and eggs. The diet will eliminate foods made from refined flour + sugar and certain refined vegetable…

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