I have lots of thick, healthy, 100% organic cultures of bacteria that you can use to make plenty of kombucha tea at home, in all your favorite flavors, for just a few cents a bottle.

Please, take my SCOBY! ​Seriously, just call or text me at 754.422.4341 and I’ll get one right over to you!

​Part of the tradition is sharing healthy cultures. 🙂

And here’s a guide on how to brew kombucha at home. You’ll also find tons of info on the interwebs if you Google it.

For those who are wondering “why would I want to drink something that looks like a science experiment,” well…

1) you have something in common with my husband because he thinks it’s weird too, and

2) there are lots of health benefits. Here’s a great article about 8 evidence-based health benefits of kombucha tea.

Read the article, buy a large glass container (I got mine at Michael’s), and call me for your SCOBY before I start experimenting with other uses for the bacteria (which I’ll probably do anyway).

Hope to hear from ya!


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