Hello! I'm Tiffany Anne Smith + I'm the world's worst dietitian because I think that food is actually NOT the most important thing in a healthy lifestyle. (I'm also a clinical dietetics intern + I'll be a Registered Dietitian by December, so #qualified.)

In The Art of Personal Science Challenge, I help [mostly] women release information overwhelm, hyper-focus on what gets the most results + become the go-to expert in their own health. #BeYourOwnGuru

I'm not everyone's cup-o-tea + I embrace it. I love Jesus, curse + practice yoga with absolutely no contradiction. I believe strongly in social justice + am a committed community volunteer with Broward Outreach Centers + political activist with the Democratic Progressive Caucus

I tie everything together in my blog, Step 6, where I share lots of nutrition insight + resources, and explore the connections between health, spirituality + public policy. 

So jump in + don't hesitate to ask questions or call me out if you think I'm incorrect/crazy because all of this is ultimately for YOU, babe. #IGotYou

You heard that right! A clinical dietitian just told you that food is NOT the most important thing in a healthy lifestyle. Download 'Why Diet Is The Worst Place To Begin Sustainable, Meaningful Lifestyle Change' and decide for yourself.

Plus, I'll send you regular motivation & support to help you #beyourownguru, so BONUS!