Decline distracting fad diets & give nutritional dogma the cold shoulder.

Focus on what matters most. Ignore the rest. Enjoy your life. 

Digestion, absorption, nutrient absorption, food absorption, metabolism

Step 1. The for-real for-real truth is that food is the 6th most important thing in a healthy lifestyle. Skip the first 5 only if you've got the extra time & money to burn, because you might as well be setting the money you spend on all those veggies & fruit on fire. Don't do that. 


About Absorption Tiffany Anne Smith

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When I created The Art of Personal Science, I was starting from the bottom-of-the-bottom & it had to be dead simple, damn near free, and offer the grace & patience of Mother Teresa herself. It ended up changing my whole life. I'm not a different person - I'm just more of who I was created to be, without all the bullshit.


The Art of Personal Science Tiffany Anne Smith

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