Hello, Fellow Eater! I'm Tiffany Anne Smith, and I'm the world's worst nutritionist because I think that food is actually NOT the most important thing in a healthy lifestyle. (I'm also a clinical dietetics intern and in 2019 I'll become a Registered Dietitian, so #qualified.)

In The Art of Personal Science Challenge, I help women release information overwhelm, hyper-focus on what gets the most results, and become the go-to expert on their own health. (After all, you are the expert in your own life!)

In my blog, Step 6, we discuss food, feeding your family, skeptical science, and public policy, so something's bound to tickle your fancy.

So jump in! Join the conversation & don't hesitate to ask questions or call me out if you think I'm wrong because reading peer-reviewed scientific articles is kinda my jam. 😉