Step 6, About Food & Eating

This blog is full of stories & ideas about food, feeding your family, skeptical science, and public nutrition policy. Some entries are by far more interesting than others (enjoy my clinical dietetic case studies, nerds!), but it's all useful to help create healthy eating patterns that fit your needs, budget & lifestyle.

Keep in mind that while eating healthy food is important, it's actually the 6th most important thing in a healthy lifestyle. Skip the first 5 only if you've got the extra time & money to burn, because you might as well be setting the money you spend on all those fruits & veggies on fire.

↓ Think I'm crazy? Hear me out, yo. ↓

Step #1, How to stop wasting money on healthy food (that you know damn well ain't cheap) because your lifestyle is screwing up your body's ability to absorb & use what you feed it.