On Monday, January 4th, 2016, it was 67* in South Florida. It was the first day that it FELT a little like winter. #globalwarming

In colder climates, I imagine that ladies dry herbs so that they last through the harsh winter and I just happen to have several varieties of herbs in my freezer that were slowly turning to mush (turns out, herbs don’t freeze well). So I did what I imagine any Godly woman does in such circumstances – I put on my (only pair of) cold-weather boots and pulled out the dehydrator to experiment drying herbs.

For as long as I’ve been cooking for my husband I have yet to get into using herbs. It’s been a sore spot of mine because I want to be like Penelope Cruz (who would never wear my old boots LOL) in that movie where she played a gorgeous chef who loves to season her food with lots of herbs and spices and she’s generally rocking it at life.

I’m dedicated to the process enough to have a box of fresh, organic vegetables and herbs delivered from Fresh Life Organics to my home on a weekly basis. I regret to report that I’ve lost many bags of herbs because they either go bad in my fridge or turn to mush in my freezer; I can never use them fast enough.

Meanwhile, the dehydrator that I got for Christmas last year has been collecting dust ever since I dried out a red pepper, decided the result was too chewy for my taste, and just never tried it a second time. #lightbulbmoment
I am so happy to report that my experiment in drying herbs has come out nicely (and my kitchen smelled amazing!). The hardest part was keeping an eye on the timing because dill, cilantro, and sage all dry at very different rates, otherwise it took almost zero effort on my part.

Now I have fresh, organic herbs ready for me to play with! 
For me, cooking at home is a big way that I care for the health of myself and my family; I prioritize nutrition. I while I do put in the work that makes it work, I really do my best to keep things super-simple and these dried herbs are a big win for me.


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