What if every penny you spend on healthy food is a waste of money?

If your body can't absorb & use the nutrients from the food you eat, you might as well set your money on fire.

How to stop wasting money on healthy food (that you know damn well ain't cheap) because your lifestyle is screwing up your body's ability to absorb & use what you feed it.

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The "ah-ha!" moments you'll never forget: 

  • "OMG...she really said 'mouth to anus!'"
  • "Wait a second, millions of ACTUAL BUGS make their own decisions about MY HEALTH?"
  • "Why would my body ever CHOOSE not to digest food?"
  • "That lowers absorption 80%?! I do that literally ALL THE TIME."
  • "Just ONE NIGHT of poor sleep does all that? Oops!" (Those were my husband's actual words.)
  • "For real? Just 10 MINUTES? That can't be true."
  • "I thought sun was supposed to be bad for me?"
  • "You can give me few clever skills that make the most high-impact habits naturally strengthen over time? You can change the way I think & feel about meeting my own special & unique needs forever? Oh, Tiffany, you're the sweetest & bestest health coach there ever was!"

Because I totally {heart} you, this free presentation includes:

  • 42-minute video, for all you visual learners
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