I love to listen to music in the car to hype myself up for whatever event I’m headed to, but I never really thought of listening to music to relax.

Honestly, when I’m relaxing (or even working) at home it’s usually silent. Sometimes my husband will come home and his voice will jolt me out of whatever trance I’m in at that moment.

Are you familiar with the “flow state?” It’s easy for me to find flow while I’m alone, working in silence. I also find flow easily on a dancefloor, which is totally opposite.

For those of you with anxiety or who suffer from chronic stress, you might not even be able to imagine what flow is like. I imagine that when you live in a state where your mind is racing, your breath is shallow, and your muscles are tense, sitting peacefully in silence might sound impossible to you. 🙁

It doesn’t have to be silent. Heck, you don’t even have to be still. You just need a way to be less “on” all the time.

A group of scientists in the UK did some sciencey stuff (that’s a thing) and came up with a list of the most calming + relaxing songs in the world. According to their research, many songs will lower anxiety by 65%. 

And all you have to do is LISTEN. 

I listened to the songs on the list (I made a YouTube playlist for ya), and they’re definitely super trippy. As soon as the first song started, I kind of got a tingly feeling behind my eyes and I felt my breath drop deeper into my stomach.

It definitely works. Music is powerful medicine.

Here’s the article I read if you want more info: Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent 

I loooove stuff like this – science that is actionable + relatable to our lives. This is the kind of research that I use in The Art of Personal Science, a 6-week online group program where I teach how to use science + design to completely personalize your diet + live the healthy, mindful lifestyle you’ve always imagined.  The next class starts January 2017; reach out if you have any questions.


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