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Since I’ve been studying to become a Registered Dietitian, I’ve learned how to translate science & research into real-world food suggestions that fit your lifestyle, budget & needs. I’ve learned that the best healthcare is collaborative, it meets you where you are, sets reasonable & optimistic goals, and doesn’t ask you to change everything about how you spend your time & money all at once.

A lot of what I’ve learned comes from knowing how to think like a dietitian – how to approach & interpret information in a way that gives real people real options. I’ve gotten really good at noticing what’s actionable & important, then filtering out the rest.

The goal of The Personal Science Gazette is to begin to engage you in the trends & conversations about health & healthcare that are actionable & important. You can make your own decision about what to do with what's left.

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If you see an article that sparks a question or insight, share it with me at It would be my pleasure to dig into my (humongous & expensive) textbooks & the latest research for the answers. I promise to read & respond to every email.

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