Your autonomic nervous system controls every critical function of your body – from your heart beat to digesting your food.

Without a healthy ANS, the symptoms of chronic stress are common:

  • frequent headaches
  • insomnia
  • difficulty concentrating, reduced productivity
  • difficulty taking deep breaths
  • neck and/or back pain
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • frequent colds or infections
  • constipation, diarrhea

Your ANS is ground control. #ripdavidbowie

With a healthy ANS, it’s easy to work from a state of “flow” where the task at hand becomes like second nature and time flies by without resistance.

And that’s just naming a few. Now imagine those symptoms being constant for YEARS, and the damage that can do!

By some estimates, stress is the primary root cause in 80% of all illness.

(And, sadly, doctors are too quick to prescribe meds because that’s what they’re trained to do. But the truth is that if you remove the primary root cause, your body will heal itself a thousand times better than any other intervention.)

Groundbreaking Measures in Stress

It can be difficult to identify stress as a problem until it starts to affect your health and performance.

That is, until 20 years ago when we discovered that the health of your ANS is measured through Heart Rate Variability. Since then, HRV has become a gold-standard test that accurately displays how your body handles stress.

Heart Rate Variability

You don’t realize it, but your heart doesn’t beat at a constant rhythm. It’s sporadic.

It’s more like jazz than Motown. #yourwelcome

HRV is the measurement of those tiny variations. When your ANS is strong, the longer and smoother the variations. When your ANS is weak, they become shorter and more rigid.

HRV in Health Coaching

This breakthrough in HRV testing means that we can establish a baseline of your current stress levels, and quantify how those levels respond to lifestyle changes in real-time.

Simply put, we can take your score and watch it improve as you make small changes.

It’s awesome to watch.

And it gives my coaching clients the instant feedback they need to understand that reversing symptoms doesn’t have to be a total upheaval of lifestyle. Things start to get better as soon as you start taking small steps.

Remember, your body is a perfect healing machine.


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